It is interesting to note the beginning of the Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church which began with a small group at the Mandinga Church in the old townsite of empire on the west bank of the Panama Canal during the construction of the canal.

When the canal was opened for business in August 1915, the town of empire was abandoned and the church moved to Panama City to a room at Camino Ganau now known as Ancon Avenue.

With the constant growth of ots membership, the place proved to be too small and a plot of land was purchased on the edge of the city of cabo Verde where a building was erected to the honor of God.

The Central Church flourished with the blessings of the Lord. Sunday and Wednesday night meetings were well attended and Sabbaths had its capacity crowd.

The Central Church at Cabo Verde had a Church School which was conducted by Teacher J.A.Maynard of which there is no doubt are several graduates here today.

During these years, a Sabbath School Class in Spanish was started by Frederico Murray and others out of which came the Castellana Seventh-Day Adventist Church. this church still flourishes beautifully in Panama City for the honor and glory of God.

Eventually the Government saw it fit to put an avenue running in front of the Cabo Verde Church to relieve the increase of automovile traffic, taking away some of our frontage. several years later they decided to widen the road and requested that the church be located somewhre else.

We sought and found the present location and had intended to purchase a plot of land for the construction of a church building only. However, the former owner of the land encouraged usto purchase the entire property which would allow room for future improvements. After much deliberating, the entire property was purchase.

The members came together and cleares the land for the building project. a Building Comittee was formed and blueprints were made for the building of a church and a gymnassium. This was about the year 1964. A fund raisind drive was initiated and great sacrifices were made.

During that time, Pastor Drachenburg was the president of conference and at one of our comittee meetings, he advised us to concentrate on constructing the gymnassium first. This was done. the members worshipped in the gymnassium for about three years while the church was being built.

thanks be to God, the Carrasquilla Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church Building was dedicated on July 9, 1967.

"Ebenezer... thus far has the Lord helped us". 1Sam. 7:12